The Pongonese are a species of human-sapient orangutan descendant from the last orangutans in the Holocene.

Relationship with other organismsEdit

The closest ally of the Pongolese are Domestic Dogs, specifically a special a special landrace breed of domestic dog. Dogs serve multiple purposes in Pongolian culture. Dogs are a icon, most flags depict some form of domestic dog, they are also considered a status symbol. A dog that is healthy and well-trained usually tells people(as in the Pongolese)
American Dingo aka Carolina Dog1
that the person is very good, a person with multiple dogs is usually a sign of wealth and a poorly-behaved and unhealthy dog is a sign of poverty and being of a low-class. Another animal that the Pongolese share an alliance with are Asian Elephants. Asian elephants aren't considered pets, like dogs and other animals, but are used as somewhat of a beast of burden or companion.
Elephas maximus (Bandipur)
Elephants are generally allowed to roam across the settlements of the Pongolese and as such are often brought on Pongolese ships.

Pongolese also keep cattle for purposes of dairy, sheep for wool and fish for meat.


Pongolese are generally very pacifistic in their settlements, and as such usually don't have a very strong or even very experienced military. They do however have a group of scouts or rangers that are in a sense the closest thing they have to a true military.

These rangers run a very regimental system, they dress in blue and green silk clothes that allow maximal movement and comfort for the wearer. Rangers watch out for possibly dangerous animals, such as leopards, tigers and lions. They also are responsible for seeing out the construction of Buildings, putting out fires and evacuating citizens during emergencies.


The Pongolese have been cultivating fish and fruit species for thousands of years. The main fish for most meals are catfish, which are often cooked into either jerky(the oldest technique), fired or grilled. They have also use small sharks, rays and various species of small stream fish.