"I just wish the world was twice as big and half of it was still unexplored.”. - David Attenborough

Expansion, and Power, are human qualities. Though the days of colonialism, slavery, and violence are mostly gone, these adjectives can describe the desires of any man or woman; some simply more or less then others. We moved out of Africa. From Asia to Australia. From Russia, over Beringia into North America, and south down the Isthmus of Panama into the great Southern Continent. The Europeans discovered the Americas for themeselves, twice, and set up colonies and trading routes worldwide. We documented the entire planet, finishing doubt over phamtom islands and the like. Our entire planet known, and no places left to explore. So we went to the moon. Space. It was the final front. It was innevitable that we would venture across and colonise our entire Solar System. That is the journey, To Kuiper.

This project tells the adventure and speculation of the story of man's colonisation of the Solar System, from Mercury, to Kuiper, and everything inbetween. Every planet has had or continues to house many a human civilisation, or some sort of important historic event. From the great battle of Vulcans Valley, to the Intersolar Senate of Gaia, to life in Europas seas, there is just as much to this as to human history, and much more. From rise to fall, this giant base of opperation to man housed the much of the species population for millions of years, and continued to prosper for many a milenium after.

A note: If things of the not so distant future are debunked as time goes on, this can be thought of as "spliting" at 9/18/14.

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